December 5, 2023

Ruth’s Story

Ruth Mamani is the oldest of two sisters. She lives with her father, mother, and her two month old sister in a rented room near the high school.

Ruth’s mother, Senora Genoveva, was very embarrassed and asked for no photos to be taken inside their home, as she felt everything was piled up and messy. The room the family has for sleeping is roughly 3 meters by 3 meters. Ruth shares it with her parents and her baby sister. They have no other private space as the kitchen and bathroom are shared spaces with other families who rent rooms in the same complex. The buildings are old, made of mud brick, and the common area outside is dirt and filled with thorny plants and scrap metal.

Ruth is a very good student, currently in 11th grade. In 2024 she will receive her high school diploma and hopes to continue studying to be able to help her family improve their quality of life.

Being in the BEF program is very important to Ruth. She admits that otherwise it would be very difficult for her family to provide her with everything she needs to finish her studies.

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